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Mollie Miles Age, Net Worth, Husband

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Mollie Miles has led a fascinating life filled with personal and professional accomplishments. Her contributions to the world of automotive history, combined with her intriguing personal story, make her a notable figure. This article will delve into her biography, net worth, family, relationships, and more to provide a comprehensive overview of her life.

Mollie Miles Age

Mollie Miles’ exact age is not publicly known, but she is estimated to be in her 90s. As the widow of renowned race car driver Ken Miles, her age reflects a life of rich experiences, particularly during the peak years of her husband’s racing career and their family life.

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Who is Mollie Miles?

Mollie Miles is best known as the wife of renowned race car driver Ken Miles. She played a significant role in supporting Ken throughout his career, particularly during the time he was involved with the Ford racing team and the development of the Ford GT40. Mollie’s life extends beyond just being a supportive spouse; she has her own rich story and legacy.

Name Mollie Miles
Nick Name Mollie
Date of Birth Not Publicly Known
Age Estimated to be in her 90s
Place of Birth United States
Zodiac Sign Not Publicly Known
Profession Homemaker, Supportive Spouse
Nationality American

Mollie Miles Net Worth

Mollie Miles’ net worth has been subject to speculation, primarily due to her association with Ken Miles and the subsequent media coverage. While she is not known for having an independent career in the public eye, her family’s financial status has seen significant highs due to Ken’s success in racing.

Year Estimated Net Worth
2023 Approximately $1 Million

Family and Siblings

Mollie Miles’ family life is integral to her story. She was a devoted wife to Ken Miles and a loving mother. While detailed information about her parents and siblings is not widely available, her immediate family life with Ken and their son, Peter Miles, is well-documented.

Family Member Name
Father Not Publicly Known
Mother Not Publicly Known
Brother Not Publicly Known
Sister Not Publicly Known
Marital Status Widowed
Son Peter Miles
Daughter None


Mollie Miles was married to Ken Miles, a legendary figure in the racing world. Their relationship was characterized by mutual support and love. Ken’s tragic death in 1966 left Mollie a widow, but she remained a strong figure, supporting her son Peter in the aftermath.

Name Ken Miles

Height and Weight

Details about Mollie Miles’ height and weight are not publicly available. However, she is often described as a petite and elegant woman.

Attribute Details
Height Not Publicly Known
Weight Not Publicly Known


While Mollie Miles herself is not noted for owning an extensive car collection, her life with Ken Miles was undoubtedly filled with iconic vehicles, particularly the Ford GT40, which Ken helped develop.

  • Ford GT40


Mollie and Ken Miles’ son, Peter Miles, has continued to be involved in the world of motorsports. Peter was close to his father and continues to honor his legacy.

Name Peter Miles


Who was Mollie Miles?

Mollie Miles is best known as the wife of legendary race car driver Ken Miles. She played a supportive role throughout Ken’s racing career.

What is Mollie Miles’ net worth?

Mollie Miles’ estimated net worth is approximately $1 million as of 2023.

How old is Mollie Miles?

Mollie Miles is estimated to be in her 90s, though her exact date of birth is not publicly known.

Who is Mollie Miles’ son?

Peter Miles, has been involved in the motorsport world and continues to honor his father’s legacy.

Did Mollie Miles have any other children?

No, Mollie Miles and Ken Miles had only one son, Peter Miles.

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