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King Von Net Worth: A Look at the Rapper’s Success

By David May21,2024

King Von is one of the most famous American rappers and songwriters. He released his single “Grandson for President” In April 2020, from which he gained huge popularity.  Moreover, he also has released so many hit singles such as “Took her to the O” and “Crazy Story” which got rated number 40 on the Billboard Hot out of 100. His major source of income is through rapping. But he passed through an unfortunate death in a car accident in 2020 at the age of 26. Bennett has generated huge revenue through the rapping field. However, his Net Worth at the age of death is around about $ 800000. In this article, you will find complete detailed information regarding the King Von Net Worth 2024, his major source of income, and his financial success.

Unveiling King Von Net Worth

As you know it is quite difficult to estimate the net worth of any celebrity. However, according to some online resources, we can estimate that the net worth of King Von is about $ 750 K in 2024. The major source of earning of King Von is through the singing and music industry. His net worth was $ 800000 at the time of death. Later on, occur variations. His YouTube channel is also one of the major sources of income. Moreover, he has more than 3 million followers on his YouTube channel. From his YouTube channel, he has earned a huge number of dollars. His channel has recorded over 300 million views on his YouTube Videos.

King Von Net Worth 2024

Year Net Worth
2020 $890,000
2021 $1,200,000
2022 $844,000
2023 $450,000
2024 $750,000

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Facts about King Von

Facts about King Von
Full Name Dayvon Daquan Bennett
Date of Birth August 19, 1994
Age 26 years at the time of death
Place of Birth Chicago, United States
Nationality American
Religion Christianity
Profession Rapper
Height 5 feet 9 inches
Weight 65 kg
Net Worth $ 800 k


Early Life and Career

King Von was born on August 19, 1994, in Chicago, United States. His full name is Dayvon Daquan Bennett. When he was 11 years old his father was killed or shot by someone. Later on, Von was sent to jail at the age of 16 because charged with first-degree murder. Later, he started his efforts to make his career in the field of singing and as a rapper.

He also paid homage to his father through a track “Exposing me”. In September 2019 he dropped his debut mix tape which rated number 53 on Billboard Top 200. In March 2020 he dropped his second mix tape which featured Lil Durk. Bennett album reached number 5 on Billboard out of 200 and after his demise, it reached number 3 at the top of the hip-hop and R&B music industry.

Is he Alive of Dead?

According to my research, King Von is not alive yet. He has been died in a car accident at the age of 26 on November 6, 2020. Later he was buried in Chicago, Illinois, United States on 14 November 2020. His net worth at the time of his death is $ 800000.

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