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Tracing Success: Cindy Costner Net Worth And Contributions

By David May13,2024

 Cindy Costner is the ex-wife of a famous producer Kevin Costner. She is one of the most popular and old actresses and media personalities in America. Cindy has also played the character of Cinderella and snow white in Disneyland. Cindy gained popularity from her former husband as she was the wife of one of the most famous and highest-paid actors at that time. She is well known for appearing in “LiteWeight” and Dances with Wolves 1990. After the divorce, she didn’t pursue a career in the entertainment industry. The one and only reason for public attention and popularity is her former husband Kevin Costner. However, this couple’s relationship lasted for 16 years and got divorced after three children named Anne Clayton, Lily McCall, and Joseph Tedrick. In this article, you will learn about Cindy Costner’s net worth, her early life career, and some interesting facts about her and his financial success.

How Much is Cindy Costner Net Worth?

What is Cindy Costner Net worth 2024? It is somehow difficult to answer because actress or media personalities do not public their net worth. But we can only estimate it. According to some reports, the net worth of Cindy is $4 Million. According to some reports it is stated that at the time of the dissolution of their marriage, Cindy got $80 Million from Kevin as settlement money. It also contributed to her net worth. Her major source of income was the entertainment industry but after her divorce, she say goodbye to the film industry.

Early Life and Career

The real name of Cindy Costner is Cynthia Silva. She was born on October 29 1956 in California. Now she is 68 years old in 2024. She grew up in California United States. There is not much information about her early life. But she became popular due to her former husband Kevin Costner. Cindy and Kevin were classfellows at California State University. Later on, they got married in 1978.

Due to her husband Kevin, she got a chance to appear in the entertainment industry as an actress. She acts as a supporting role in “LiteWeight” and “Dance with the Wolves”. Silva was a very hard-working woman she was first selected for the film Dance with the Wolves in which she acted as a wagon master. This film was directed by her husband. Also check how much is vanilla ice worth?

Cindy Costner

Facts about Cindy Costner

Facts about Cindy Costner
Full Name Cynthia Silva
Public Name Cindy Costner
Date of Birth October 29, 1956
Age 68 years
Birth Place California, United States
Height 5 feet 7 inches
Weight 58 kg
Marital Status Divorced
Former Husband Kevin Costner (Actor)
Children 3 Children
Religion Christianity
Nationality America
Profession Actress
Net Worth $ 4 Million

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Final Words

Cindy Costner is the ex-wife of famous producer Kevin Costner. Both were students at California State University where they fell in love with each other and decided to get married. She did not pursue her career in the entertainment industry but appeared on occasion along with her husband. However, her marriage lasted for 6 years. Hence, Cindy got divorced after three children. Her net worth is 4 million dollars USD updated 2024.

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