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Dr Shannon Klingman Net Worth 2024, Career, Age, Biography

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Dr. Shannon Klingman is a gynecologist and the inventor of the Diva Cup, a menstrual cup product designed to provide an eco-friendly and alternative to traditional menstrual products like pads and tampons. She is known for her work in women’s health and her contributions to the menstrual hygiene industry and pelvic floor disorders. The Diva Cup, developed by Dr. Shannon Klingman gained popularity for its special design which allows for comfortable long-lasting wear during menstruation.

Dr Shannon Klingman Net Worth

Dr. Shannon’s earns through entrepreneurship and selling beneficial products to both men and women. She is running a healthcare online store and many other projects as well. Her Deodorant lume deodorant is famous among all. She is also a part of mega events in the USA.

2024 $100 million USD
2023 $50 million USD
2022 $40 million USD

Early life of Shannon

Dr. Shannon was born in January 1978 in Minnesota United States. She studied for her Bachelor of Science in Biochemistry at the University of Michigan and then joined Wayne State University School of Medicine, where she graduated with honors in 1997. Dr. Klingman is a board-certified OB/GYN and entrepreneur. Shannon Klingman lives a very busy life as a mother of four children, a doctor and an entrepreneur. You can also read about Jack Doherty Net Worth.

Shannon klingman

Dr Shannon Klingman Age

She turned 54 years old in January 2024. When someone is in their mid-50s has a wealth of experience in her field, having spent decades over her expertise in obstetrics and gynecology as well as medical entrepreneurship. This experience has contributed to her success in developing innovative solutions such as the Emsella chair for the treatment of pelvic floor disorders. Dr. Kingman’s continued contributions to women’s health and medical innovation serve as proof to her dedication and commitment to improving patient care.

Facts about Shannon

Name DR. Shannon Klingman
Known for Lume Deodorant
Age 54
Height 5’7”
Birth date January, 1970
Birth City Minnesota
Birth Country United States
Marital status Married
Net Worth $100 Million

Medical Field: Dr. Klingman is a board-certified OB/GYN with a specialization in obstetrics and gynecology. She has done extensive medical training and education to achieve this certification.

Invention of the Emsella Chair: Dr. Klingman is best known for inventing the Emsella chair, a non-invasive medical device used to treat urinary incontinence in both men and women.

Advocate for Women’s Health: Dr. Klingman is passionate about improving women’s health and has dedicated her career to finding the best solutions to common health issues affecting women, especially pelvic floor disorders. Also read about Skilla Baby Net Worth.

Entrepreneurial Spirit: Her ability to combine medical knowledge with a business mind has contributed to her success in the field of medical technology.


Dr. Shannon Klingman’s dedication to advancing women’s health through innovation and entrepreneurship shows the power of medical technology. Her contributions have not only improved the lives of countless individuals but also showed the way for new approaches to healthcare. Her dedication to innovation and improving patient health continues to help the future of healthcare. Shannon Klingman has many achievements in her personal and professional life.

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